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Codeigniter Training

  • Course name:

    Codeigniter Developer

  • Course duration:

    100 hours (3 Days/Week – no batch! we prefer individual training.)

  • Cost:

    8000 (for outside students)
    5000 (for PTA students)

Codeigniter is an open source PHP – framework that allows users to easily build up a new website. The framework allows for a rapid and sound basis for common tasks within a web site. This makes programming a lot lighter, so that users can instantly turn to the development of the website.


Codeigniter takes the monotony out of web development. Its provide you with all the tools we need to get started coding what you really need to get done: the logic specific to your application. Laravel has an active developer team and community, bringing great value to the project. In addition to keeping you from wheel-reinventing, using Codeigniter means your application’s core is well tested and is being constantly improved.

Learning Codeigniter requires prior knowledge of PHP and MySql. If you are not familier with the PHP based Web Development we would request you to join our PHP MYSQL course first to learn how to develop a website using PHP and MySql before you start learning Codeigniter.

Course Outline (Level wise)

Level 1

Introduction to Codeigniter

Understanding the MVC Pattern

Models, Controllers, View, How it works?

Level 2
Level 3

The system/Folder

The system/application Folder

config.php - Configuring the Codeignitor environment

database.php - Setting up the database and connected with your project

autoload.php - Initiating the default tiles to laod the core functional environment.

routes.php - Custom URL Routing Procedure.

Level 4

The Database Library

The Session Library

The Form Helper

The URL Helper

Level 5

Models and Database Tables

Controllers - How it works and in detailed understanding.

Views - How to create the default view and other views a detailed understanding.

Creating the Database Table.

Creating the Model.

Creating the Admin/Pages Controller.

Creating the Administrative Views.

Choosing and Integrating a WYSIWYG.


Updating the Welcome Controller.

Creating the Form.

Level 6

Introduction to Controllers

Creating a basic controller

Understanding default function of controller

Creating a route using a closure

Making the controller Restful

Using route groups

Building a Restful API with routes

Level 7

Models in Details

Table name and primary keys



Using models in controllers

Displaying data from models in views

Level 8

Create user register and login system

Authenticating Your Application

Adding Custom Fields to Registration Form

Creating user profile page

Level 9

Filtering User Input

Encrypting Sessions

Additional Security Resources

Level 10

Live Project. Based on your experience you will gather through this course you will be able to build an industry standard Live project with the help of our training mentor.

Benefits of learning Codeigniter Training @ PHP Training Academy

Very well structured and updated course content covering all the latest buzz.

Codeigniter training provided by experienced trainer / expert from our web development company.

Real-time practical assignments throughout the course.

Codeigniter project with explanation and implementation.

Unlimited Practice Hours.

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