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Industrial Training

Industrial Training

  • Course name:

    Industrial Training

  • Course duration:

    4 weeks (Flexible timing* – no batch! we prefer individual training.)

  • Cost:

    4500 (3 installments: 1500 x3)
    4000 (single premium)

For every student or a young professional looking for a platform to testify their skills, we offer Industrial Training in Kolkata. Industrial training plays a significant role in today's technical course curriculum. It gives hand-on experience to the prospective workers about how are projects managed.


The industrial training also contributes in the upward mobility as a job place and boost confidence in the trainees. PHP Training Academy assists students to gain entry into live project based industrial trainings in PHP, MySQL, HTML5, Web Design and other technologies for BCA/MCA/BE/B.Tech/BSc/MSc students & professionals.


We are also in touch with many technical universities who take our help to place their students in the mandatory 6 months Industrial Training. This training is important as it acquaints engineering and IT students to the latest trends in technology and the necessary industry requirements. It also helps them to enhance their employability.


These are just a few insights on the vitality of Industrial Training these days. If you are interested to gain some experience and wish to join such training, all you need to do is contact us and we will suggest the projects that you can undertake. We also encourage the enquirers to ask the details about each training and how can they be benefitted individually from it.

Training Outline (Level wise)

Level 1 [HTML]

HTML Elements


HTML Anchor Tag



HTML Table


Div And Span

Level 2 [CSS]
Level 3 [Javascript]

JS variables

JS statements

JS operators

JS comparisons

JS if-else

JS functions

Level 4 [Jquery]

Basic idea about jquery

Form validation using jquery

Level 5 [PHP]

Introduction to PHP

PHP with Web Design

PHP Syntax

Variables in PHP


PHP Operators

Conditions, Events and Flows


PHP Functions

PHP Arrays

String Functions

Date And Time Functions

PHP Include File

Header Function

Forms And User Input – Form Validation, PHP $_GET, PHP $_POST, PHP $_REQUEST, PHP $_SERVER, PHP $_FILES

Exam On PHP
Level 6 [MYSQL]



MySQL Database and Queries

Connection to MySQL Database

Creating database and Tables in MySQL

MySQL Data Types

Database Terminology

PHP MySQL Insert into

PHP MySQL Select

PHP MySQL Where Clause

PHP MySQL Order By Keyword

Difference Between Group By and Order By


PHP MySQL Update

PHP MySQL Delete Form

PDO (PHP DATA OBJECT) structure and prepared statement.

Benefits of joining Summer Training @ PHP Training Academy

Very well structured and updated training course content covering all the latest buzz.

Summer training provided by experienced trainer / expert from our web development company.

Real-time practical assignments throughout the training.

Unlimited Practice Hours.

Certificate provided upon successful completion of the training.

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