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PHP Training

PHP MySQL Training

  • Course name:

    Professional PHP/MySQL Developer

  • Course duration:

    200 hours (3 Days/Week! we prefer individual training.)

  • Cost:

    15,000 (3 installments: 5,000 x 3)
    14,000 (single premium)

Do you want to start you career as a Professional PHP Web Developer? We provide professional php training in kolkata. Creating web applications is not like designing as website, there will be a huge difference in web design and web development. In design you have to provide a visual look and feel. But developing PHP Application is about writing a logic to suit client requirements. PHP/MySQL can only be learn by writing programs, reading programs and learning new php stuff regularly.


Many companies like Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Digg, Oracle, Wikimedia, Intel, Ebay are using PHP/MySQL. In fact many popular Open Source Software like Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Moodle and OsCommerce are developed using PHP/MySQL. We at PHP Training Academy provide you with the best PHP training in Kolkata

Course Outline (Level wise)

Level 1 [Fundamentals]

Software Engineering

Basics of Designing

Web Programming

SQL Queries


Level 2 [Static Website Designing(HTML & CSS)]
Level 3 [Learning the Language]

Introduction to PHP

PHP with Web Design

PHP Syntax

Variables in PHP


PHP Operators

Conditions, Events and Flows


PHP Functions

PHP Arrays

String Functions

Date And Time Functions

PHP Include File

HTTP Protocol

Header Function

Forms And User Input – Form Validation, PHP $_GET, PHP $_POST, PHP $_REQUEST, PHP $_SERVER, PHP $_FILES

Exam On PHP
Level 4 [Database Connectivity]



MySQL Database and Queries

Connection to MySQL Database

Creating database and Tables in MySQL

MySQL Data Types

Database Terminology

PHP MySQL Insert into

PHP MySQL Select

PHP MySQL Where Clause

PHP MySQL Order By Keyword

Difference Between Group By and Order By


PHP MySQL Update

PHP MySQL Delete Form


Encryption & Securities

PDO (PHP DATA OBJECT) structure and prepared statement.

Exam On MySQL
Level 5 [Applicability to Industry Standards]

PHP with MVC Architecture

OOPS Concepts

File System and the Server

String Manipulation and Regular


PHP Sessions and Cookies

PHP File Handling

Files and Directory Access

Reuse Code

Handling Emails


Email and Security


Photo upload – single and bulk upload in PHP

Excel file upload in PHP

PDF generation

Facebook login integration

Basic website security like how to prevent SQL Injection

Level 6 [PHP Practical Examples]

Creating user login form using Database

Creating Registration form using Database

Search Module

Creating Administrator for Websites

Min Options in Administrator – Using Login, Registration, Authentication, Search, Edit & update & Delete Users & Data, Changing Content Dynamically

Real-time Project
Level 7 [Applicability to Industrial Projects]

Shopping Cart

Embedding PHP Code into HTML Pages

Payment Gateway Integration

Product Catalogue

Final Project Submission
Final Exam(based on the topics learnt)

Benefits of learning PHP Training @ PHP Training Academy

Very well structured and updated course content covering all the latest buzz.

PHP training provided by experienced trainer / expert from our web development company.

Real-time practical assignments throughout the course.

PHP project with explanation and implementation.

Unlimited Practice Hours.

Job placements assistance for PHP developers.

Certificate provided upon successful completion of the training.

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